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Chemical and coating industry has been facing a lot of challenges in launching new environment friendly products. The traditional solvent-based products still have superior performance that cannot be replaced until now. In order to share the responsibilities for environmental protection, we’ve been making a lot of efforts in lowering the generation of pollution source. We’ve also been aggressively develop environment friendly products in our R&D center such as water-based coating products.

SWI Products

SWI Product


We are doing our utmost to minimize negative impacts against our environment. In terms of safety management, we put industrial safety and hygiene and fire control as our first priorities. In order to continuously improving the safety of the production process, we’ve been referring many safety regulations from Europe and U.S. to set up our own safety guidelines complying with relevant local laws and regulations.

PT. Sumber Wisesa Indolestari has product range to the paint finishing products for wood and rattan as follows:

1 Melamine Coating Products [download pdf]
2 NC(Nitrocellulose) Coating Products [download pdf]
3 PU( Polyurethane) Coating Products [download pdf]
4 Water Based Wood Coating Products [download pdf]
5 Wood Filler and Thinner Products [download pdf]
6 Recruitment Message [download pdf]
7 AkmalGTG [download pdf]