About Sumber Wisesa Indolestari

Corporate Background

PT. Sumber Wisesa Indolestari(SWI) was built by Mr. Ting Ming Yu in Tangerang in 2000. Mr. Ting came to Indonesia from Taiwan after foreseeing the rapid growth of wood and rattan business here in Indonesia. Therefore, wood and rattan coating has become the major business in SWI.

Although SWI was officially founded in 2000, Mr. Ting and the management team have been indulging in chemical coating business in Taiwan since 1978. SWI has accumulated a lot of expertise and experience regarding wood and rattan furniture coating. SWI is not only an innovation and technology-based company but also a customer and competitiveness oriented company. Currently the global competition in coating business is getting more and more intense every day. In order to keep on growing, we have been focusing on cost reduction, product improvements, and new product development. We firmly believe that the customers’ success is our success as well.

We’ve also been offering excellent services to our clients and providing them with our expertise and experience. We also lay a lot of emphasis on our manufacturing process and quality control procedure. We have well-organized sales channel, R&D and QC team that can outperform our customers’ expectations. Our vision is to create more possibilities to the wood painting industry.  


And our goals are as follows:

  1. To become the world’s leading chemical coating company
  2. To serve our customers with total solution by consolidating material suppliers, strong R&D, and sound management system.

Our main strategies are as follows:

  1. To well-integrate our supply chain and our production ability to offer our customer value-priced products.
  2. Clear market development planning and cost engineering management
  3. Continuously dedicating resources to quality improvement and R&D